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Team Shithead gives unto you our holiday comp, A Very Shitty Christmas. 17 askew holiday tunes from Germany to the UK, from Arizona to Georgia, from Texas to Ohio.’m od’ing on pride from all the brilliant submissions from friends and strangers alike. We have some very serious lyrical content, silly performances, full band arrangements, soft and severely intimate tracks, male/female/cis/LBGT performers, and various takes on the holiday!Best of all it’s free to download. If you dig it, please share with friends!Your dude,Charles H.TS & LFT & DVE & ANDI & WIO1st Gen. Shithead

Team Shithead gives unto you our holiday comp, A Very Shitty Christmas. 17 askew holiday tunes from Germany to the UK, from Arizona to Georgia, from Texas to Ohio.

I’m od’ing on pride from all the brilliant submissions from friends and strangers alike. We have some very serious lyrical content, silly performances, full band arrangements, soft and severely intimate tracks, male/female/cis/LBGT performers, and various takes on the holiday!

Best of all it’s free to download. If you dig it, please share with friends!

Your dude,
Charles H.
1st Gen. Shithead

No Love Lawst lyric…

I’ve finally answered an age old question for myself from Diatribe or Die days. I said, I live in a world that won’t love me back and I don’t know how to feel about that.

how should I feel? how do I feel? And what is love? What is the world?

There’s no guidelines or normality in expectations of the world. We’re best off with no expectations. The world owes us nothing. Its a hard pill to swallow but truer then most broad statements of truth that I can currently think of. People are dying everyday due to lack of clean water or small infections that could be cured easily or all the other blatantly manageable reasons. So to think that we deserve things in a world where this happens is strange and unhealthy. I deserve nothing more than the bit of humanity I can milk from my life of circumstantial relevance.

I think I was speaking more of my expectations of a music career. Not so much as a business model career wise but a thing that involves hard work, money, and art. When I say career, there’s no real thought behind it that I could pay a bill with the music I create but what I do does involve work, money, and music. But yeah, you fill a song with your ideas, ideals, love, and emotions. Once that song goes out into the world, the response is the reciprocal. Something that I realize now that I’m older is that art has no reciprocal; aside from other art(whether it be man made or made by the cosmos). As an artist you create and that is the thing. It’s done really before it leaves a studio. Most the things that come later are the business parts of being in a band. Even most of the fan interaction at shows or anytime the band is presenting itself to it’s audience. It’s all PR work or door greeting at Walmart. The younger me didn’t see this cause I was being honest which is why we’re a confusing band cause our presentation is ever evolving. We didn’t know it was all a game and even after we found out we didn’t participate much.

To finalize my analysis of this old lyric: I was young, involved, and idealistic once and expected to be rewarded for my involvement and idealistic nature. I now know you’re idealistic cause it’s something honest and true to your self. It is its own reward. Existing and creating is enough whether people show up or not. You’ve got to love yourself before you can give love or show love. You’ve got to love the records you make before anyone else and above all else. You’ve simply got to make the records you want to hear in spite of the world if that ends up being the case.

empower yourself.
love yourself.
free yourself from expectations of self.

Your dude,

hank williams sr.

—Your cheating heart

Thought for a brief second of using a hank williams sr. song for the xmas comp, cause I usually listen to a lot of hank around xmas but it felt inappropriate in the end. *Whistle not usually included*

how butt hurt would everyone be if we made a record solely of this type of material(w/ vocals of course included)? I’m just obsessed with Marc Ribot’s guitar playing and John Zorn ain’t too shabby either.

A Very Shitty Christmas: The Team Shithead Comp

Alright, here’s the idea. Bands spend a lot of time controlling the way they present their music to their fans but between band members when you’re writing a record you mostly are trading back and forth song ideas via shitty demos done through iphone recordings or computer mic set ups initially. What we’d like to do for our Christmas comp is release iphone and computer mic demos of Christmas or holiday songs. It’s pretty simple, sit down with your band or your main songwriter, arrange and record a song with a one mic, one track set up.

It’s going to be a fun, honest portrayal of where our favorite songs originate from, so lets have some fun with this shit.

Songs need to be turned in by the 15th of this month in wav format via email:

The comp will be released on the Team Shithead bandcamp for free on the 20th.

Your dude,
Charles Hastings

CHURCH: an essay on lyrical content of new record.

We live in a strange culture. The punk rock micro-culture. A culture of open-forum diversity and progressive approaches towards musical artistic communication and business model. A strange by-product of consumerism, the non-consumer consumer culture. We are thriving off a semi-intelligent, unconfident youth who are hyper-sensitive and hyper-aware; modeled for and built by those with a drop too much of compassion and embedded guilt. Let’s be aware of that and chew on that for a second. We’re the same people. The people on the stage and off the stage. I am you and you are me so when I come across a bit of self-discovery I try to pass it along. This becomes records. We go out and play songs off these records and people call us a band. Fun shit. Specifically this new record applies to guilt. The subversor’s guilt sowed and reaped in a american social structure.

Use your apologies sparingly. Very specifically when it comes to your natural feelings towards big issues. Natural intent and sociological intent are similar but we are moving faster, processing faster, and discovering faster than previous generations so these subconscious natural feelings are on par a better indication of our future. Sociological intent given to us is simply outdated. We can actually recognize and identify social constructs that work prior to our own acknowledgement of the validity or non-validity of constructs. That being said, don’t let people guilt trip you into nationalism or purity of family ideals or anything you don’t feel. If you pay taxes; you do your part. If you contribute to society; you do your part. If you are neighborly, empathetic to strangers in need, and help in your community; you’re doing your part. You can support troops, support real people, and not support wars or a western empire state of mind. The guilt should lie in the practice of empathy within a certain set of geographical borders, a bloodline, or racial or sexual identities. What about that idea is virtuous or American?  And frankly being American is a social construct we’ve made up and it has very little to do with a broad sense of humanity. At the core is an idea based on an identity of national pride, narcissism, and empty indoctrination. 

I hear lots of obtuse talk about our generation(people born from ‘80 to ‘95) being apolitical, apathetic, and amoral but a lot of that talk comes from indoctrinated baby-boomers afraid of a world where they can’t blanket the American flag over their entire identity. It’s such a huge set of issues; the reasons behind an apolitical, amoral, and apathetic youth.

First off, baby-boomers have pillaged posterity for American youth. We will have nothing for our thirty or forty or fifty years of being involved in the workforce. There will be no social security, no aide, just lots of cat food and cold living spaces. There will be only a shadow of charitable intent from the reign in which we abide. The flip side of the coin, not all of us even care to be taken care of. Maybe if we could keep the giant divide between the employee and employer’s profit margin to where a hardworking young person can actually move ahead and invest in their interests, our own businesses, we could keep charitable intent from our government to a minimum because we’d be living in a system that works and we could all take care of ourselves. We live in a country where forty percent of our food is thrown away, absolutely wasted, and we still have children going to bed hungry. Corporations own the senate and congress who make up the laws that corporations are regulated by. Politically, its a mess and we are not represented political in any sense. So we are by default, apolitical. But this is not really news to anyone.

Second off, the amoral attitude comes with the dawn of the instant information. We are beyond superstition  We are beyond the “one book; one way” method to a moral life. Life is multi-cultural, mutl-faceted, and faster than the indoctrination set in place within public schools, public forums, and family structure. We are morally aloof because we are everywhere at all times. Not ADD or ADHD, just different thinkers, defined by a different type of intelligence  An intelligence that can’t be defined by standardized testing. Each individual can’t be stimulated by a blanketed approach to education or one moral structure. Its absurd to think any one system could keep up, but they keep shoving it down our throats.

Third, it explains itself by the previous two. We are marginalized by our country. The ad’s, the public education system, the consumerist approach to happiness and personal growth. All of it. We are depressed, unhappy, and frustrated because we are fighting a natural understanding of ourselves that we are taught to deny. We deny ourselves to get in line for something we don’t want. That creates apathy. Something you can’t fight after a decade into adulthood, it finds a way out. You are miserable or you are subversive. It’s the two options we’re given from grade school on. I choose subversion.

With all this being said, you can either nod your head; say to yourself, “Duh, Charles. We all know this.”; or say, “You’re over-exaggerating.”. Either way, it’s a sad state where we all are aware of these things and still nothing changes. People still deny themselves the right to their pursuit of happiness like we’re subconsciously aware that happiness is not meant for all people.

You can be happy. You can have personal views on the state of things. You can work for what you want. You can pursue the things you want. Don’t let anyone guilt you out of your happiness cause the reality is we’re all individuals; not bloodlines, colors, gender identities, or nationalities.

Charles Hastings Jr.

Songs lyrically written for the new record, CHURCH:

1. Worker’s Crux
2. Discordian Rhapsody
3, Out Like A Tunicate Bulb
4. Don’t Call Me Home To Heaven
5. For The Ladies And Future Leaderz of Amerika
6. Male-bodied Feminist(Down Come The Walls)

and more in the works. The next record will be the best thing we’ve ever written.


This photo came up while looking for live shots of one of my favorite American hardcore punk groups, Drug Church. It’s from a photo series depicting Mexico’s drug wars. I thought it was a bit callus to pass over the information so I’m conjoining a punk rock news post and an sociopolitical art photography post, trying to think on my feet so to speak.

The photo depicts children in the orphanage, Casa Hogar Tres M’s in Guadalupe, a small town outside Ciudad, Juarez, notorious for drug war related violence. In Juarez alone, approximately 10,000 children have been orphaned since 2008 as a result of drug war violence. Many become street children. Others live with relatives and neighbors or are in the care of orphanage shelters and church-based organizations.

Check out the new Drug Church song, Donny Woods. The boys in Drug Church gave me an exclusive blurb for the news post. This song rules and the random, but very serious photo above is worth your attention too.

article by Charles Hastings

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Shootin’ The Shit with Jayme & Kenney: Episode 2

Kenney and I sit down and talk literature, music, and alcohol/drug-fueled experiences with the author of Tea on the Riviera and lead singer of the band Latin For Truth, Charles Ray Hastings Jr.

Paul Hastings also makes a cameo at the start of the podcast. He has AIDS.

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I’m currently looking for submissions or contributors for this online magazine I’m working on. If you’re looking for a model of the work I’m wanting to do, take some time to check out Vice magazine.

I, Charles, am working on a culture and news magazine during LFT’s down time. Know a writer, are you a writer? Check it out.